The latest trend in the baking world.....and here's why

So, I'm kinda over the unicorn cakes and the drip cakes, but there's a new trend in the baking world. Its everywhere..... everyone wants to try it...... IT'S GONE VIRAL!!

And yep, I jumped right on that bandwagon.

I give you......... The Cookie Cream Tart!!

Made with a French almond short crust pastry dough, or Pate Sablee; once baked, it's crisp and cookie like, rich and buttery and totally delish! I totally get why people are going mad for these gorgeous creations.

So, I started with the delicious biscuit base, the almond type cookie. I used a recipe from the amazingly talented Liz Marek over on Sugar Geek Show. A super easy recipe and a forgiving dough to work with.

Get the recipe here.

But any sugar cookie, shortbread biscuit or even cake would probably work pretty well for these types of desserts.

I wanted a light, creamy filling.

A vanilla whipped cream frosting.

Oh my Goodness!

I admit, I licked the bowl (and the spoon!). haha

Top with fresh glazed berries and scrumptious macarons.

And Voila!!!!!

You can add all sorts of fruits, meringues, sweets and even fresh flowers.

Or for those who don't like fruit (my daughter Lauryn), you can add chocolates, sweets and fudge. Anything goes really. This is just what we happened to have in the house at the time.

Print your templates any shape, letter or number. Any size. You could have so much fun with these, really personalise them. Even make an entire name!!!

Give them a go. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Any questions just give me a shout. Always happy to help.

Bake and be happy

Diane x

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